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Expand your paper menu with digital addition with a QR code in minutes. Use AI to get great-looking dish photos.

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Online QR Menu

  • Media addition for your paper menu
  • Quick access via QR code or URL
  • AI-created food imagesPRO💎


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The Advantages of a Digital Menu

  • Optimized menu for mobile
  • Accessible Anywhere
  • AI-TranslationPRO💎

QR Menu Features

Helping Your Cafe Succeed with User-Friendly Digital Menus

Mobile-Friendly Web Menus

Mobile-Friendly Web Menus

CreateOnlineMenu.com crafts menus perfect for smartphones and tablets, directly on the web, no app needed.

  • All Devices, No Problem: Your menu on smartphones and tablets, no apps to download.
  • Super Quick Loading: No waiting time, so your customers are always satisfied.
  • Universally Accessible: Easy-to-read and navigate design, ensuring a great experience for all.

Fast and Smooth

We make your menu speedy and responsive, giving your customers a great experience on any device.

  • Super Quick Loading: For a smooth customer experience.
  • User-Friendly Design: That everyone can navigate easily.
  • Safe & Secure: Built to the highest industry standards.
Mobile-Friendly Web Menus
Mobile-Friendly Web Menus

Smart Menu Makeover With AI Help

Use AI to make your menu even more impressive.

  • AI for Digitalization: Turn your physical menu into a digital one.
  • Beautiful Food Images: Create stunning visuals for a better look PRO💎
  • Multilingual Menus: Translate your menu into different languages PRO💎

How It Works

The fastest and easiest way to create and share your online menu

1. Fill eatery details

Enter the essential information about your eatery such as name, location and type of cuisine.

2. Upload menu photo

Take a clear and readable picture of your menu and upload it.

3. Review, Refine and Edit

Look over the uploaded menu and make any necessary edits to ensure everything is correct.

4. Get QR code and menu link

Receive your QR code and unique menu link for easy access and sharing with customers.

Fill eatery details

AI-Generated Photos

These savory images, masterfully generated by AI, are a superb way to showcase your eatery's food offerings

Casual Cafe Vibes
Bowl of Salad: Casual Cafe Vibes
Diner Style
Diner Style
Family Restaurant Feel
Family Restaurant Feel
Fast Food Frenzy
Fast Food Frenzy
Posh Restaurant
Posh Restaurant
Sushi Bar
Sushi Bar




Free plan Includes:
  • Auto-generated Menu from Photo
  • Manual Instant Menu Management
  • QR-Code for Menu Access
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PRO💎 plan includes all Free features, plus:
  • Automatic Translation
  • Add Your Media: Photos and Videos
  • Fill AI Generated Photos
  • Guest Building Order
  • Keep multiple menus
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our online QR menu with generated photos for your eatery.

How do I create an online menu link?

You can create an online menu link easily with our service. Just add your dishes and details, and you'll get a link to share online or as a QR code that customers can scan with their phones.

How do I create an e-menu?

Creating an e-menu is simple with our platform. You can add all your dishes, drinks, and even some photos, and your menu will be ready for customers to view online.

Where can I host an online menu?

You don't have to worry about hosting the online menu yourself. We take care of that for you. Just create your menu, and we'll make sure it's available for your customers to see online.

How can I make a menu on Google?

Although we don't cover making menus directly on Google, you can create an online menu with our service and link it to different platforms, including Google, so more people can find it.

Can customers view my QR menu from their mobile devices?

Yes! Your QR menu can be viewed on smartphones and tablets, making it easy for customers to see your menu wherever they are.

Is it possible to update the online menu frequently?

You bet! You can change your online menu as often as you need, so your customers always see the latest dishes and specials.

How quickly can I set up my online menu?

Setting up your online menu is quick and easy. Just add your menu items, and it'll be ready for everyone to see in no time at all.

Does the QR menu support online payments?

Our QR menu lets customers view and choose their orders easily, but we don't offer online payments through it. Integrating payments would be a complex process, so we've focused on making the ordering part as simple as possible. Your customers can enjoy the convenience of browsing the menu on their phones, but they'll still need to pay using your regular payment methods.

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